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Nancy P ★★★★★ Posted on June 7, 2024


My 22 year old son and I had a 3 week trip planned for Japan. When we arrived in Tokyo, honestly, we were overwhelmed. Our first day we did everything ourselves and even though we both have traveled a lot, we felt a little lost. I was so thankful that I had booked a private tour with Kimura Koichiro for the next day!  He was absolutely amazing. Not only did he take us around a lot of famous sights in Tokyo, he showed us how to use the metro, helped us buy our train tickets to our future destinations, took us to great places to eat and explained so much about Japan and the culture in a fun and interesting way. It felt like you had a local friend who was going to show you all around and help you with anything you needed. It changed our trip completely. We were more confident and ended up having the trip of a lifetime. I can’t express enough how great this guide was…book him if you can!



Timothy M ★★★★★ Posted on April 30, 2024


Thanks again for your tour. The subway instructions were excellent and we made it to and from the baseball game without getting lost. The Japanese whisky place you took us was best we experienced in all of Japan. We ended up doing 25000 steps with you that day. We appreciated all we saw. Your country and especially the people are fantastic. All the best 



Laura H ★★★★★ Posted on March 17, 2024


Kochiro-san, Thank you so much for your tour on Sunday. We loved everything we did and are so grateful to you for your patience with our family!



Lee H ★★★★★ Posted on March 14, 2024


Highly recommend. Koichiro has amazing local knowledge. We did some fantastic sight seeing and have a better understanding of local culture and how to get around.  This day with a qualified guide really made our trip. Would definitely recommend for groups but we did have just the 2 of our with Koichiro.



LaNell S ★★★★★ Posted on March 4, 2024


Thank you so much Koji! We appreciate your guidance and help today!



Camille P ★★★★★ Posted on February 16, 2024


Koji, thanks again for a truly unique and memorable experience. You gave us the perfect first day!



Susan R ★★★★★ Posted on December 24, 2023


Thank you for spending your day with us. We never would have made it through a lot of the places you brought us too and appreciate your guiding us through it.



Noehmi T ★★★★★ Posted on December 10, 2023


Koji was amazing. He was very patient and kind. Helped us do everything we wanted to do and we couldn't be happier. Thank you again!



Daniel A ★★★★★ Posted on November 5, 2023


Koichiro, thank you again. You were helpful and made this trip less stressful and really fun. Hope we can catch up now and then and I hope to plan another tour with you as the guide.



Barbara W ★★★★★ Posted on October 24, 2023


Koji, thank you so much for such a wonderful day. Truly, our time spent with you and the experiences we shared will be remembered and treasured by us, always. If you're ever in New York, please do get in touch. I'd love to give you a tour!



Bryan M ★★★★★ Posted on October 17, 2023



Thank you for a wonderful day and experience. You are a great guide and a good person. I appreciate the opportunity to have spent a day of my life with you and learning about Japanese culture. Best, Bryan



Johnny T ★★★★★ Posted on October 16, 2023


Koji-san! Thank you so much for being our guide. Robert, Rey, and I had a great experience. Thank you for showing us spots we never knew or heard about. It was great that we got to see a lot of places we only read about. Rey is still happy about seeing Roppongi, Omote Sando Hills, and having that dessert. Thanks for showing me up the last place at the end of our experience hahahaha.


I hope you enjoyed カラシビ味噌らー麺 鬼金棒 神田本店 with us. To me, thats the best ramen I ever had. I really hope you enjoy that place with us. Thanks for giving us a memorable experience. When we visit again, you will be our guide again. If you ever visit LA, please let us know. Keep in touch. またね!



Sarah N ★★★★★ Posted on July 12, 2023


Koichi! We would have no hesitation to tell others to book your tour. Thank you! We appreciated all the work you did in preparing to locate the spots we wanted to visit. I realize you figured out we have been to Tokyo many times, but we would never have located all the niche spots that we were hoping to visit. You checked absolutely everything off our list for the day and that was awesome. Thank you for all the prep work. It was the customization our your tour why we selected you over others. You kept us moving along and kept the focus on the checklist of our items, but were so flexible when strayed a bit when we saw a new drugstore or skincare spot I wanted to pop into. LOL! Thank you! You made the kickoff to our time in Tokyo just perfect.



Gideon R ★★★★★ Posted on July 9, 2023


Koji did a great job giving my wife and me a tour of Tokyo. He was very knowledgeable and provided us a great curated itinerary.



Maslon S ★★★★★ Posted on July 4, 2023


It was a nice, very informative tour with a friendly and authentic guide, we felt very comfortable and learned a lot about Tokyo, we can whole heartedly recommend the tour! Family Maslon



Bill W ★★★★★ Posted on January 4, 2020


I've visited Japan twice and have been lucky enough to have Koichiro be my guide in Tokyo both times. I really enjoyed my visits and was amazed at everything we were able to fit in. He is very organized and keeps track of the train schedules etc so you can make the most of your day.  If you have a list of things you want to see, he can schedule everything so it all fits in nicely with your visit.  He speaks very good English and best of all is a great photographer which definitely comes in handy.  I highly recommend him. I plan on visiting Japan again soon and am hoping he will be available again!



Faye M ★★★★★ Posted on December 7, 2019


I cannot compliment Koji-san enough for his expertise around Tokyo and other parts of Japan! He never fails to astound me for being such a wonderful and remarkable host. My itinerary includes revisiting anime shops around Akihabara, and other parts like Tokyo Skytree, Ueno, Shinjuku, Shibuya, etc. Being a Sailor Moon fan, he even accompanied me (even though he’s a guy) to Sailor Moon-related vicinities like Sailor moon cafe, Sailor moon store in Harajuku, and Shining Moon Cafe in Azabu-Juban. And because I’m also a Stationery lover, we went to different Loft, Daiso, Seria, Tokyu Hands, Can Do 100 yen Stores— with much patience and resilience coz I’m shopping for long periods! He even suggested other places he discovers on the same day even though it isn’t part of the original plan— much to my delight! We even went to Kyoto— Fushimi-Inari Shrine, Gion District, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japanese Gardens, Nara Park for deer feeding, then even went to Osaka! Also, thanks to his knowledge, I was able to explore the area I was staying at which has the best tasting Eel restaurant, a local Japanese Sweets store, the cozy and wonderful cafe with local exhibit, and saw the exquisite Kaleidoscopes in Mangekyo Kaleidoscope Gallery Shop! Thanks to him, I was able to cover a lot of places and have discovered a lot of local hidden gems (the road less traveled) which I won’t be able to if I’m alone! I would say he went to great lengths to provide me experiences much beyond my expectations and had such meticulous attention to my comfort. My tour overall was relaxing and enjoyable. I definitely recommend him as your guide in Tokyo!!




Richard F ★★★★★ Posted on November 26, 2019


This was my second visit to Japan, and the second time I used Koji as my guide.  Both times he provided a professional and friendly service, offering insights into Japanese culture along the way.  He was also great at making the most of my time by using and showing me how to use the complex subway system.  I know that I could never have seen all that I did if left on my own.  He was courteous and always considerate of my interests and limitations as a senior travelling alone.  He always seemed to find an elevator for me.  (Thank you, Koji.) On my second day I wanted something to do outside the city that would be relaxing and less stressful than Tokyo, so he took me to his hometown in Chiba.  It was delightful to see small town life in Japan,  and to interact with the locals, something that is not always easy to do in the big city.  It was the highlight of my trip.  I would not hesitate to use Koji again or to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a guide.  Thanks again, Koji for another great time in Japan.



Luisa P ★★★★★ Posted on November 19, 2019


We were with Koji for 3 days in the city of Tokyo. Every day we made a tour and it was very enjoyable, pleasant and Koji adapted to our needs. Koji is a highly recommended guide.



Greg L ★★★★★ Posted on November 17, 2019


Having Koji meet us at Narita Airport after 16 hours of travel was a God send. He very efficiently negotiated the busyness of Narita airport for us, obtaining passes and WiFi along with anything else we needed to get set up for our holiday. After helping us onto public transport and delivering us to our hotel, Koji assisted us further in showing us great places to eat and spent some time working with us to set up an itinerary for our tour of Tokyo the following day. Our tour was an exciting adventure, without stress. We saw the highlights of Tokyo, gained an insight into the history of Japan all in a very relaxed manner. Koji was a wonderful tour guide and was flexible to our needs changing plans as needed. We highly recommend his services to anyone travelling to Japan.



Priscilla V ★★★★★ Posted on November 15, 2019


Tokyo is such an amazing city and you need a guide to make the most of it.  And without a doubt Koji is a great guide, the best !!!  He helps you organize your trip before arriving according to your preferences and, when you are there, he shows you the city, its culture, gastronomy and its history at a very high level.  He is a kind, friendly, very close and super professional person.  He always adapt to our needs and changes. He helped us with problems that had nothing to do with the tour quickly and efficiently.  Without a doubt when I return to Tokyo we would hire him again.  5 stars plus, plus !! 🤗



Chrys C ★★★★★ Posted on November 10, 2019


Where do I start! Koji was fantastic. He met at my hotel and we started out on the subway for a day of food and drink and some sights mixed in. He knew great spots at the fish market for all kinds of tasty snacks. We cruised through the different neighborhoods visited art galleries ate more food and drank more beers. Koji also gave me some good tips for the rest of my solo travel in Japan. An absolute great asset for any first timer in Japan. Cheers Koji Chrys from NJ



Meagan H ★★★★★ Posted on November 5, 2019


Koji gave me a great tour of Tokyo! I was specifically interested in trying different foods, and he adapted the tour to take me to some out-of-the-way restaurants that served absolutely delicious food. I found him to be a charming, easy-going companion for the day, and he went out of his way to ensure the rest of my stay went well, even providing me detailed tips and and travel reminders days after our tour was over. I would highly recommend him!



Andrew W ★★★★★ Posted on October 8, 2019


We were two British guys in Tokyo for 2 days to see the Rugby World Cup matches. Our time was short and we wanted the most efficient, easy and effective way to see the main highlights.

We found Koji through a google search in advance and booked easily for both days.

In advance we exchanged emails sharing ideas and arranged a meeting point. Koji speaks and writes in English very well. We were met at Tokyo station after arriving on the bullet train. Very clear instructions and very responsive on WhatsApp. Koji took us to our hotel to drop off bags and then the touring began. We expertly navigated the subway on and off trains so easily. Koji has a good sense of humour, enjoys discussing topics (such as the Rugby) and sharing knowledge. We saw gardens, temples, electric town, fashion areas, the government buildings, Shibuya crossing; just sight after sight. We would have an idea about doing something else, or seeing something extra and instantly Koji would come up with a plan about how to make it happen. We had a particular idea about having Ramen for lunch so Koji took us to a street full of Ramen cafes. We also ate Sushi in a great place and drank Sake. So to summarise - if you want to see the city with ease and with a great guide, we highly recommend Koji.