Koichiro Kimura
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Viive N. ★★★★★ Visited in January 2019.


Koichiro is perfect tour guide, he is extremely knowledgeable about Tokyo tourist highlights and Japanese history and he speaks very good English. He was also very flexible and responsive to all our wishes. In addition to showing us all the major sights in Tokyo, he also introduced us to Japanese cuisine and took us to fantastic little restaurants that we would have never found ourselves. Our family recommends Koichiro warmly to all families wishing to explore Tokyo.


Bennett L. ★★★★★ Visited in September 2018.


Our visit to Tokyo was immeasurably better with Koji as our guide. We breezed through the subway system efficiently and toured great sites and eateries. Even after our two days with him there were places we expressed interest in and he followed up with an unsolicited, comprehensive yet concise email telling us how to get to them and effectively use our time. He is obsessed with your satisfaction and an absolute pleasure to work with. If we return to Tokyo we would seek him out in a second.



Faye M. ★★★★★ Visited in July 2018.


Koji did a wonderful job in taking me to anime stores to help me find products that I want, best ramen and sushi restaurants that I've tried in my life! He's funny and a great companion to be with. I recommend anyone to hire him. Arigato Koji-san!:) 



Hong V. ★★★★★ Visited in July 2018.


We had a great day in Tokyo with Koichiro. He was very nice and flexible. Due to the heat, we chose to change the itinerary and went to Teamlab for the afternoon and our daughters loved it! Koichiro also followed up with recommendations and step by step directions for places for us to go to the next day. Thank you so much Koichiro!



Ryan V. ★★★★★ Visited in June 2018.


I had a special surprise planned for my girlfriend when visiting Tokyo (proposal) and really wanted someone to capture the moment for us. Koji planned the most perfect itinerary and was so incredibly guide during an evening we will never forget. Leading up to our tour he provided so much great feedback and research in regards to places to visit and experience. I feel we met Koji as our guide, but finished with him being our friend. he's definitely going to receive a wedding invite!



Sondra B. ★★★★★ Visited in May 2018.


Koji was such a delight from the time that I requested his services until the time we said farewell. We had very specific details all centered around food, wanting to taste as many specialties as we could. He did a great job researching this for us to take us to the best places. We had sushi at Tsujuki Market, a few different kinds of ramen, the BEST tonkatsu that melted in your mouth. We went to the food cellar at the basement of a department store and so much more. He is super kind, patient and would hire him again and again. He is fun to be with, so smart and if he doesn't know he gets the information as quick as possible. He was also very flexible. Again, I can't say enough good things. What a gem.



Donald K. ★★★★★ Visited in April 2018.


Koichiro was our guide for five wonderful days in Tokyo in April of this year. It was our first visit to Tokyo, and we wanted to see as much as possible. He was gracious enough to spend 11 hours a day with us exploring the city. He created a wonderful itinerary. He was careful to include all the must-sees, along with, more out of the way, yet fascinating sites in Tokyo. We also went on a super day-trip to Hakone. In addition, to being a very knowledgeable guide, Koichiro was also very attentive to our personal needs and interests. He is patient, kind, and charming, and it was our pleasure to spend time with him. With his flexibility and great sense of humor, he made every minute worthwhile. He did an excellent job of introducing us to Japanese foods. We had many delicious meals with him. We are grateful too, for his guidance in the amazing onsens  (hot springs) he took us to. I cannot imagine a better guide. We are extremely thankful for his great work. Bravo Koichiro!



Kris D. ★★★★★ Visited in March 2018.


Koji is an incredible guide and a gentleman. His hospitality is world-class.He is intimately aware of all the great spots in Tokyo, and was able to craft a multi-day tour for us that was both memorable and exciting. He understood the kind of trip we wanted instantly and went to work on creating an action packed adventure that included a variety of destinations - many that we had never ever heard of before!We felt we made a personal connection with Koji and now consider him a friend.



J.T. ★★★★★ Visited in February 2018


Koichiro is an expert. Koichiro is now our family's friend. Japan was our all-time favorite vacation, thanks greatly to his expertise. Koichiro showed us exactly what we asked for and much more. He is an asset to have along. Excellent knowledge of the standard must-sees and the hidden gems. We ate, laughed, toured and ate some more. We met many local people and saw some very neat local things, oh, and ate some more and drank tea. We recommend multiple days spent with him. We will meet him again.



Gah-Yee ★★★★★ Visited in January 2018.


Kim was a great tour guide! He was well prepared and put together a great itinerary based on our interests and also prior commitments, ensuring we ended in an appropriate location. On both days, we had some last minute changes and Kim was flexible and amendable. We could not have asked for a better guide! Without Kim, we know we could not have navigated the Tokyo train system and we would not have been able to see as much as we did. Thanks Kim!!



Jonathan L. P.  ★★★★★ Visited in November 2017.


Koji was a fantastic guide, providing a really enjoyable day full of fantastic sights in Tokyo as well as providing an excellent insight in to the modern day culture of Tokyo.


George Harrison  ★★★★★ Visited in October 2017.


“Kim” was more than an excellent guide, but a host - a true Japanese man that speaks your language! He’s patient, flexible and knowledgeable; leading to a stress free time. This led to us being full relaxed and being able to fall in love with Japan - we felt like locals. Thank you Kim - we want to return!


Hong  ★★★★★ Visited in July 2017.


He is very nice & friendly. If you want to try local food then go to him :)


Adriana  ★★★★★ Visited in July 2017.


We had a great time in Tokyo with Kochiro. He was very professional and friendly. He helped us getting a doctor that came to hotel at 11pm and even offered to come and translate at that time. He knows the city well. We used train and metro all around. Very punctual and organized a great tour for us. He was very accommodating as well. We had a great in Tokyo with Kochiro! We would highly reccomend him to anyone! -Vicki and Adriana 


Will  ★★★★★ Visited in May 2017


We have used many guides in Tokyo and Koichiro is one of the best guides we have ever had in Japan!! He is extremely knowledgeable and was very flexible with our schedule that constantly changed. We made several requests for specific items that we were looking for before we came to Japan and he brought us to specialty shops that carried these items that we would have never found on our own. He was also extremely kind and courteous!! We wish we could give him 20 stars! Highly recommended!!


John  ★★★★★ Visited in May 2017


From Fugu Ramen to Kobe Beef in tokyo, Kinatoya Bake mini -Cheese Tart to Cookies From The tokyo cheese factory, to the famous rice crackers at Tokyo station, Koichiro will point the way for u to taste these delicious and mind-blowing delights and good eats. For me, he is the best guy ever, and is very flexible with your tour schedule... You will find yourself less stressful with him on your side... would book him again next time I visit Tokyo.


Dominic  ★★★★★ Visited in April 2017


Koichiro was very polite and friendly throughout the tour. Our day took an unexpected detour when I lost my wallet on the train. We went to the police station and he helped me filed a report. When they called to tell us a day later that it was found, Koichiro met me at the train station to pick it up. While on the tour, he offered to pay for souvenirs until my wallet is found. He also knows some really good local restaurants. Overall, a very positive experience and a great tour guide.


Jay ★★★★★ Visited in April 2017


Koichiro was an excellent guide and i have just been dropped back to my hotel at the exact planned time. The tour was a day trip to the Suntory Hakushu distillery and Koichiro planned everything beautifully. Absolutely faultless and I highly recommended. Please book him, he's the best guide I've used in Japan yet.


Crean ★★★★★ Visited in April 2017


I had only limited time to roam around Tokyo, but indeed Koichiro san managed all stuffs.The best activity we've done is to glance Mt. Fuji through that best crazy roller coaster ride.It seemed to me that in spite of being a beginner, he has intuitiveness to adjust & assist everything for your convenience.I earned much worthwhile moments to remember from Tokyo.Thanks a lot Koichiro san for making my visit a memorable one.


Ross K ★★★★★ Visited in February 2017


Excellent guide! Koichiro is outstanding. He planned a great tour for us. Well thought out and delivered with great knowledge and care. I would recommend him and will be letting my friends know to use Koichiro when they visit Tokyo.



Jerry Y ★★★★★ Visited in January 2017


Koichiro was great! He is a new guide but very nice and helpful. We only had 2 days in Tokyo but he helped us see a lot and to adjust to the way locals do things. He was courteous and respectful at all times and we enjoyed having the chance to get to know him. Our 2nd day with him was absolutely perfect and I would recommend the schedule he had for us to all.Fish market, Tower, Water bus, then shopping with many stops for Sushi! We will always consider him our friend.Jerry and Lana