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Luisa P ★★★★★ Posted on November 19, 2019


We were with Koji for 3 days in the city of Tokyo. Every day we made a tour and it was very enjoyable, pleasant and Koji adapted to our needs. Koji is a highly recommended guide.



Greg L ★★★★★ Posted on November 17, 2019


Having Koji meet us at Narita Airport after 16 hours of travel was a God send. He very efficiently negotiated the busyness of Narita airport for us, obtaining passes and WiFi along with anything else we needed to get set up for our holiday. After helping us onto public transport and delivering us to our hotel, Koji assisted us further in showing us great places to eat and spent some time working with us to set up an itinerary for our tour of Tokyo the following day. Our tour was an exciting adventure, without stress. We saw the highlights of Tokyo, gained an insight into the history of Japan all in a very relaxed manner. Koji was a wonderful tour guide and was flexible to our needs changing plans as needed. We highly recommend his services to anyone travelling to Japan.



Priscilla V ★★★★★ Posted on November 15, 2019


Tokyo is such an amazing city and you need a guide to make the most of it.  And without a doubt Koji is a great guide, the best !!!  He helps you organize your trip before arriving according to your preferences and, when you are there, he shows you the city, its culture, gastronomy and its history at a very high level.  He is a kind, friendly, very close and super professional person.  He always adapt to our needs and changes. He helped us with problems that had nothing to do with the tour quickly and efficiently.  Without a doubt when I return to Tokyo we would hire him again.  5 stars plus, plus !! 🤗



Chrys C ★★★★★ Posted on November 10, 2019


Where do I start! Koji was fantastic. He met at my hotel and we started out on the subway for a day of food and drink and some sights mixed in. He knew great spots at the fish market for all kinds of tasty snacks. We cruised through the different neighborhoods visited art galleries ate more food and drank more beers. Koji also gave me some good tips for the rest of my solo travel in Japan. An absolute great asset for any first timer in Japan. Cheers Koji Chrys from NJ



Meagan H ★★★★★ Posted on November 5, 2019


Koji gave me a great tour of Tokyo! I was specifically interested in trying different foods, and he adapted the tour to take me to some out-of-the-way restaurants that served absolutely delicious food. I found him to be a charming, easy-going companion for the day, and he went out of his way to ensure the rest of my stay went well, even providing me detailed tips and and travel reminders days after our tour was over. I would highly recommend him!