Coronavirus Update

Hello there, I hope you are staying safe in your country. As we all know, in the beginning of this year 2020, Covid-19 has completely changed the way we communicate and travel. Tourism industry, especially tour guides, hit hardest and I had to cancel all the bookings since March. I consider this long free time as a great opportunity to improve my tour guide skills so that I can offer even greater time to my guests after this pandemic (Yes, I love being tour guide and this is my calling!). Meanwhile, I plan to publish my blog posts introducing great/hidden sites in Tokyo as a tour guide as well as other great places in Japan. This week I plan to travel to Nagano prefecture, located in the canter of Japan and famous for mountain ranges and snow monkeys in hot springs. I'll update my travels on this blog and hopefully it will be informative for you! 


Hope to see you in Tokyo next year:)

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